Name: Yris.
Nickname: Taru, Gilb.
Height: 160cm.
Relationship status: (¬‿¬)
Birthday: December 7.
Favorite color: Gray.
Favorite singer/band: MUCC, 12012, Orgy, a-ha.
Last song listened: Pais e Filhos.
Last movie watched: Red Dragon.
Favorite book: Anything written by Giorgio Faletti or Anne Rice.
Last book read: Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano.
Currently reading: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.
Number of siblings: One.
Number of pets: None.
Best school subject: Pff, History.
Mac or PC? PC.
Cell phone type: Actually in love with Windows Phone, so, Nokia. (?)
Current shirt colour: White.
Gamer? Yay.
Day or night? Night.
Summer or winter? Winter.
Most-visited website? Twitter.
Celebrity crushes: This woman.

(Quelle: cherryjumpersandlove)

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